Tomorrow’s A New Day


Tomorrow I start my new job at a call center. I haven’t worked in almost three years through decisions of my own.



I’m terrified and nervous, but I must get out into the world again and start anew. Maybe I’ll love it, maybe I won’t, but it has to happen. It seems so difficult to get back out into the working world, but I must be as brave as I can be. I won’t put too much pressure on myself. Just enough to get to where I’m going.

Bell took photos of me Saturday afternoon. I’m still working with my phone until I get that paycheck rolling enough to get a new tripod and external hard drive.



Tomorrow is a new day and, though I’m afraid, I’ll face it with all the bravery I have in my roaring little heart.

My lunch is packed and I’ve got soft, pink curlers in my hair. I’m physically ready, now I’ve got to to get my mind on track. Let’s do this!

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Joanna Newsom!

Oh. My. Goodness! You may not know how much of a fan I am of Joanna Newsom. She’s my muse. She’s my everything when it comes to true musicianship. I’ve been waiting so long and the dream has come true. Joanna Newsom will release her long awaited and anticipated fourth studio album October 23, 2015, called Divers,  via Drag City. Her new song, Sapokanikan, and video are a must see!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this:

*my other favorite, Lana Del Rey, is also releasing an album this year, but we’ll get to that later!

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Be Honest and True


I’m living by my new motto: be honest and true about the person I really am. I hide so much from the world and tend to isolate myself. How can I blog without experience? I’m excited to change my lifestyle and truly be me, though I think I’ll always be more of an introvert at heart. I really feel things will change for me once I start my new job next week. I’ll get out more, meet new people and maybe make some new friends along the way.



I seem to be flowing well with the river of life recently and I hope I continue to ride the flow and stop resisting the things I can’t change. My Saturn’s Return beat the hell out of me. I lost loyal friendships, my beloved job and worst of all my mother.


Sometimes we become stagnant, which is where I’ve been for the past couple of years, but I’m ready to get out of the murky water and get life started, even if it’s taken me to the age of thirty one to finally DO SOMETHING about my lifestyle. Sometimes just forcing yourself to get out there and do things is the easiest way.


Pictures by Bell

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Back To It!


Once upon a time I had an etsy shop and I dedicated my blog to advertising, but as I said in a previous post I dropped everything due to some setbacks. Now that I’m on the blog wagon again I’d like to change things up a bit and make it more of a vintage decor, personal style, and media review blog.



Once I get s new tripod i can really get things rolling. For now my daughter, Bell, has the tast of taking my photos with my phone. She’s not too bad, but she has trouble using my DSLR. I also need to get an external hard drive and possibly a new laptop. My little laptop can’t handle much more. Soon enough I’ll have everything sorted out, especially when I start my new job.

So, there’s already so many blogs out there dedicated to this same theme, but this is my corner of the world and I can do as I wish. This is just my public journal and I do it for myself, which is key. Hopefully you’ll find something you can relate to here, or just poke fun like the folks on GOMI if you wish.

That’s all I got for now. My phone isn’t the easiest to edit posts with. Have a great Labor Day!


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Kiss Summer Goodbye


Summer is almost gone. The leaves are beginning to fall, but it’s hot as hell here today and the bugs are out with a vengeance. I got stung by a wasp! I’m ready for crisp fall weather, caramel apples and Halloween. I’m excited for cozy sweater and cute boots season. I’ve got some super cute outfits in mind for the coming autumn season.

Right now I’m living out in the country and it’s stunning. I’ll need to get a new tripod soon because my other broke from the weight of my camera. I wasn’t using the correct size for my DSLR, but sometimes you gotta improvise.

I’m primarily using my phone because the internet is a tricky thing so far out. Not many companies offer service. Soon, I’ll begin going to the library to use wifi for publishing posts. It’s not easy to write new posts and post pictures on the mobile blogger app.

Have a super labor day weekend!

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How Are You, Friends?

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged and not a week went by where I didn’t think of it. So much has happened in my life. Terrible things to have to deal with, so I had to take a long break from everything.
The most terrible being my mother unexpectedly passed September 2014. I completely shut down and I’m still not over it. Don’t know if I’ll ever be. It’s still too much to talk about.
But I plan to start blogging again. I just got a new job and things are looking up for me. I hope this is the start of wonderful things to come!

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Spring Fashion Picks

  photo 45393850-40bc-4dcc-9112-1cd2fb8c2981_zps0d18053a.png
  photo 9c33a458-495f-4be3-80c7-e4cd42948019_zpsed8f570b.jpg
  photo af88d28a-2f5a-4cd6-b2bc-6da615d2828b_zps552a778c.png
  photo fb3690d5-2a16-4707-98cf-48db3818bd8b_zps3b41214a.png
Have a great Friday!
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