Back To It!


Once upon a time I had an etsy shop and I dedicated my blog to advertising, but as I said in a previous post I dropped everything due to some setbacks. Now that I’m on the blog wagon again I’d like to change things up a bit and make it more of a vintage decor, personal style, and media review blog.



Once I get s new tripod i can really get things rolling. For now my daughter, Bell, has the tast of taking my photos with my phone. She’s not too bad, but she has trouble using my DSLR. I also need to get an external hard drive and possibly a new laptop. My little laptop can’t handle much more. Soon enough I’ll have everything sorted out, especially when I start my new job.

So, there’s already so many blogs out there dedicated to this same theme, but this is my corner of the world and I can do as I wish. This is just my public journal and I do it for myself, which is key. Hopefully you’ll find something you can relate to here, or just poke fun like the folks on GOMI if you wish.

That’s all I got for now. My phone isn’t the easiest to edit posts with. Have a great Labor Day!



About Odette

Just a girl in Kentucky with a heart full of dreams.
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