Hump Day Already?

You know what’s crazy? I just found out today is Wednesday and I have no recollection of Tuesday. What happened to Tuesday??  I even missed Fargo on FX! I’m really enjoying that show so much more than the movie and one can’t help but love Martin Freeman in everything he does.
So, just stopping by to say:
 photo fb561add-c5aa-4fd6-b643-7ef3b0252652_zpsa33008cf.jpg
Some select items I’ve marked down by 50% like this Green Wave Wooden Bangle:
 photo 4781f2d5-e35f-4054-8d9f-d2fa14b0d95e_zps97dcdd19.jpg
or this French Vanilla Statement Necklace:
 photo fe6dc7e6-a400-40ad-82be-5d7375d640a2_zps7e8c05a4.jpg 
Hopefully this coming weekend I’ll go hunting for some snazzy goods to show off here at Poppy et Pear!
xoxo, Poppy
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Make Your Monday!

So, on Saturday morning I posted a hand picked list and decided that I’d do a weekly pick list on Mondays. It’s hard to drag yourself into work after the weekend, but my weekend finds should give you a little inspiration for fashion or the home!
Just click the item description to link to the listing.
  photo 98de9f6c-f68d-4ecb-96b7-1df3d19a724c_zpsc85b8928.jpg
  photo f1a8bc53-8422-4cb7-8db9-4e2c1f3a7c10_zps65ae11f6.jpg
 photo 3944c27b-4ec8-4132-b29f-8ffbca993b36_zps6d81e5e2.jpg
  photo 9e391105-f7f1-4a61-8ab5-3a94b51ce04b_zps211e5731.jpg
 photo 7af38a34-4e01-47f5-9c2c-9828418fae9a_zps712abe11.jpg
  photo a31fccc5-e260-4eef-9c33-c4b890c9974a_zpsc980abdf.jpg
  photo a4878caa-7189-47fd-912f-0942d11a86f7_zps4d70788e.jpg 
 xoxo, Poppy
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Shop Poppy et Pear

Just stopping by for a quick advertisement! You can find some amazing vintage finds, hand picked by me, here.
  photo 760451c7-9604-496a-8b11-8727144f6e85_zps260c2e37.jpg 
Have a super Sunday! 
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Spring Gift Guide

Let’s make the gift guide a weekly thing! I’ve got so much product constantly moving in and out. This week I happen to be posting on Saturday morning, but I think Sunday or Monday may be a better option.
Click the item descriptions to shop Poppy et Pear
 photo a26bb7b9-b50c-4eac-ac9f-647b822b9388_zps84702610.jpg
 photo 057f826c-2cb4-45b9-b130-274a39067f5f_zpsff9220a1.jpg
 photo 6656eda5-4dba-405f-8d99-2665dd86a233_zps620c35be.jpg
 photo bec16aec-21fc-453d-b0f7-eb682308dc9f_zps650ccb89.jpg
 photo d542b578-96fc-411c-8b62-a3d4e7a2b13a_zps0f25b8b3.jpg
 photo ab5b0d43-1692-467b-971b-7e8fee7fa33a_zps47bbe8d2.jpg
 photo 6708b3a2-d652-485e-961b-f0af6abebc61_zps4c6b6d4d.jpg
 photo 655a971a-0ff3-4ce7-86df-e5a96d92e811_zps28711b7f.jpg
 photo f0c3c860-e763-400b-802a-4650cf27551e_zps94a3f22a.jpg
  photo 63734978-484d-4cae-9531-4b4e26473f59_zpsa6ced16d.jpg
xoxo, Poppy
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Sage and Bronze Swirly-doo Necklace Giveaway!

I didn’t realize it’s been a month since I last posted! Geez! Nothing especially exciting has happened, but I *am* doing a fantastic giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win this sage and bronze swirly-doo necklace!

 photo 82163d7d-6678-4fce-b87d-7c2d3584f791_zps19147ebd.jpg 
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Happy Valentine’s Day, I Suppose

 photo b90281e3-2821-447b-a7d5-bb0c533a3e26_zps4511c94f.jpg
Happy Valentines Day! Have a great date night and be safe and warm!
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Spring/Summer Wedding

I’ve hand selected some vintage theme accessories and decor from my shop that I think would be perfect for a spring/summer wedding! I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I’ve just been invited to a summer wedding, which is gonna be a blast, and I was inspired to share some alternative style wedding items I have in my shop.
This vintage cotton sun dress, made by Paige is simple and pretty.  It features side pockets and eyelet holes, scooped back and looks great cinched at the waist with an elegant belt. Below, I have the perfect belt for this dress!
Perfect for a garden wedding, this dress is a vintage size 12. The measurements equate to a modern size small or medium.  Be sure to check out the measurements in the listing and compare them to your personal measurements. $55.00 See it HERE
 photo 3f3e2402-64c2-4c4c-ae40-f67af4949754_zpsb9243d0c.jpg
I love the way this vintage full body slip hugs the body. This slip has a sweetheart cut bust lined with creamy lace and ribbon. This is a vintage size 34 and the measurements are very close to a modern size small. Made by Mel-Lin. One hundred percent nylon. Only $12.00. See it HERE photo a9b910a4-bbf5-406c-9f9c-5f48c9531e1f_zpsa61d07c3.jpg
These accessories are wonderful for a pastel theme wedding. I am personally in love with the mint green and yellow dangle earrings. Details below the photo.  photo 5b90c7fc-90e6-4b1b-8b32-7719f9ceeb3f_zps89faa4ba.jpg
1. Sterling silver pearl ring, size 6, $15.00
2. Mint, yellow and crystal dangle earrings, $42.00
3. Vintage gold tone and pink gemstone stud earrings, $8.00
4. Gold tone cameo cabochon ring, $18.00
 photo 87659608-ef34-4775-8c49-4c6357ae70a0_zps9a787a29.jpg
1. Sterling silver apple necklace and earring set, $32.00
2. Vintage silver tone pillow coin purse, $38.00
3. 14k Gold sapphire and diamond partial wedding set, $98.00
4. Brass tone belt by 1920, XS, $28.00
These would be great for your vintage, mismatched garden party dinnerware:
   photo a0f6a04a-1284-40fc-a7fd-fafa8fe48e71_zps4827403c.jpg 
1./2. Four vintage Alfred Meakin luncheon plates, $25.99 
3./4. Four vintage German Royal Bayreauth Saucers. $13.99 
Be sure to check out my other vintage items HERE and as always, let me know if there’s something you’d like, but can’t find in your area.
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