Kiss Summer Goodbye


Summer is almost gone. The leaves are beginning to fall, but it’s hot as hell here today and the bugs are out with a vengeance. I got stung by a wasp! I’m ready for crisp fall weather, caramel apples and Halloween. I’m excited for cozy sweater and cute boots season. I’ve got some super cute outfits in mind for the coming autumn season.

Right now I’m living out in the country and it’s stunning. I’ll need to get a new tripod soon because my other broke from the weight of my camera. I wasn’t using the correct size for my DSLR, but sometimes you gotta improvise.

I’m primarily using my phone because the internet is a tricky thing so far out. Not many companies offer service. Soon, I’ll begin going to the library to use wifi for publishing posts. It’s not easy to write new posts and post pictures on the mobile blogger app.

Have a super labor day weekend!


About Odette

Just a girl in Kentucky with a heart full of dreams.
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